Websetters – 6 Tricks They Don’t Teach you in Webdesign Classes

Part of being a good web designer is continuing to learn over the years and adding to your list of abilities. The designs that worked yesterday will feel dated today. Each year, different trends and tools emerge. It’s important to stay updated on your skills and to continue to develop even after you graduate from school.

Websetters - 6 Tricks They Don't Teach you in Webdesign Classes

Source: https://visual.ly/community/Infographics/business/websetters-6-tricks-they-dont-teach-you-webdesign-classes


Websetters – 4 Types of Call To Actions That Drive The Most Conversions

There are many factors that come into play when you’re creating a CTA button for your website. Not only does the wording need to be perfect, but the colour and shape of the button can also have an impact on your conversion rates. Take the time to think through which of these elements works best for the visitors who come to your site.

Websetters - 4 Types of Call To Actions That Drive The Most Conversions

Source: https://visual.ly/community/Infographics/business/websetters-4-types-call-actions-drive-most-conversions